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Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, regardless of age or lifestyle. Aid and assistance within 6 minutes saves lives and quality of life. This requires many volunteers and AEDs. Sign up as a citizen responder or register your AED for general use.

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  • "Thanks to the quick response of my wife and physician, I survived five cardiac arrests. If my wife had been away at the time, maybe just to drop the kids off at school, I wouldn’t be here today. Because the faster reanimation starts, the better."

    Eric van Die, survived a cardiac arrest

  • "As a contact for the city of Elburg, I am very pleased with HartveiligWonen (HeartSafeLiving). It feels good to be HeartSafe as a municipality. We offer our residents quick assistance in case of a circulatory arrest. With around 400 volunteers and 32 active AED’s within the city of Elburg, we can boast good coverage!"

    Anthonie Bosman, municipality Elburg

How does the CPR network work?

Someone is unwell and the emergency number 112 is called. The ambulance control room determines whether it could be cardiac arrest. In that case, the control room alerts the registered citizen responders through Stan the CPR network to fetch an AED and to apply CPR until the ambulance arrives.

Read more about alerts through Stan the CPR network here.

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