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Tips & Tricks

15 February 2017

Various tips, tricks and facts about the use of the Stan app for notifications, both for iOS (iPhone) and Android smartphones.

Settings of your phone

To make sure the app works as well as possible, it is important that a number of settings are set correctly:

Location tracker
Make sure that the location tracker of your smartphone is on. Because only then will Stan always know your current location. So, you will only get notifications that are important. If your location tracker is off, you will receive the notification via text message, on the basis of your stated home and/or work address.

Push notifications
Turn on the function ‘receive push notifications’ via the Stan app. If this function is off, we can only send notifications by text. In that case, your current location is also unknown and you are notified on your home or work address.

Apple iPhone (iOS)

Make sure your ‘notifications’ are set correctly:

  • go to ‘settings’
  • click on the Stan app
  • click ‘messaging’
  • set the notification style to ‘notifications’


Some Samsung Android smartphones have an ‘energy saving app’. This automatically switches off running apps if those have been inactive for more than three days. In order to be notified, the Stan app has to be open in the background though. How can you prevent your smartphone from switching off the app automatically?

  • go to ‘settings’ (click on the ‘cog wheel’)
  • click on ‘battery’
  • click on ‘details’
  • click on the Stan app
  • check ‘off’.

Spot an AED!

Help in the expansion of the national Stan AED network. Do you come across an AED that hasn’t been registered yet? In the app, click on ‘Spot the AED!’ and tip us. We will contact the owner. And who knows, perhaps we can add the AED you spotted to the Stan network and save even more lives. Are you not sure if an AED has been registered? Check it under ‘AEDs in the area’ in the app.

Adjust availability

Are you temporarily unavailable to respond to calamities? You can easily indicate this in the Stan app: simply by switching on the ‘do not disturb’ button in the menu.

Recognisable sound of the Stan app

The Stan app has a recognisable notification sound. Click here for the sound of Stan app, so you recognise it every time it goes off. Make sure the sound of your smartphone is on.

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