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Fewer deaths due to cardiac arrest, that is our goal. To achieve this, we need the help of as many volunteers as possible. People like you and me who register as a citizen responder. Register and save lives.

CPR within 6 minutes

CPR within 6 minutes in case of cardiac arrest, always and everywhere. That is the goal of Stan the CPR network. Because CPR within 6 minutes is crucial for survival. The faster CPR is given, the better the chances are for survival and for minimal permanent damage of the victim.

What do you do as a volunteer citizen responder?

With Stan the CPR network, citizens are looking out for each other. Volunteers who are able to perform CPR are alerted when someone in their area goes into cardiac arrest. They apply manual CPR or arrive with an AED to offer assistance until the ambulance arrives. You perform CPR manually or with an AED. As soon as the healthcare professionals take over, your job is done.

How am I alerted?

Someone is unwell and the emergency number 112 is called. The ambulance control room determines whether it could be a cardiac arrest. In that case, the control room alerts the registered citizen responders through your mobile phone to fetch an AED and to apply CPR until the ambulance arrives.

CPR training

Volunteers of Stan the CPR network have all been trained in CPR. As connected citizen responder, you have completed a certified CPR course and you participate in a refresher course every other year. You can follow this course via Stan the CPR network or at other certified institutions.

Download the app

With the app, you can be alerted wherever you are.


Become a citizen responder?

Do you know CPR? Or would you like to learn? And would you like to be available to perform CPR in your immediate area when someone suffers a cardiac arrest? Register as a citizen responder at Stan the CPR network. You can be there for each other when aid is vital. Professional care providers (doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals) can also register as a volunteer at Stan the CPR network.

I would like to become a citizen responder!