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Notification in case of cardiac arrest per app or text message

Stan notifies connected citizen responders when someone in the area suffers cardiac arrest. This happens by means of the Stan app and by text message. The app is preferable, because it provides more facilities. But for volunteers who don’t have a smartphone with Internet, our text service is an excellent alternative.

Notification on location by app message

Notification linked to your current location is only possible with the app notifications. Thanks to the location tracker on smartphones of the connected volunteers, Stan only notifies citizen responders who are in the area at that time. Do you want to receive optimal notifications, always make sure your location tracker is on.

Notification on location by text message

If you get notifications via text message, this happens on the basis of the address information of your private address and your work address, as well as your availability known at Stan.

CPR or retrieving AED

Via the app or text message, you will be told what is expected of you. Part of the citizen responders is asked to go to the victim immediately and start manual CPR. Another part of the volunteers is asked to pick up an AED as soon as possible and then go to victim. In both cases, you will receive all the necessary information, such as addresses and possibly a code to the AED box.

How does the Stan notification work?

  • someone suffers cardiac arrest
  • all nearby citizen responders receive a notification
  • you answer the call: via the app with ‘I’m going’ or ‘I’m not going’ and via text message only with a response when you’re going
  • you receive instructions to immediately go to the victim to perform CPR or to pick up an AED
  • if you’re going, you will receive the exact location of the victim – via the app including map and route description
  • if you have to pick up an AED, you will also get that address information with route description and possible code to the AED box

Reporting absence

Are you temporarily unavailable as a citizen responder? You can adjust your availability for a certain period in two ways:

  1. In the app: temporarily adjust your availability with the ‘do not disturb’ button.
  2. Via the site: in your personal environment on this site, you can adjust your availability temporarily.

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