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About the Stan app

The Stan app notifies citizen responders when someone in the area suffers cardiac arrest. Every connected volunteer who can offer help and is in the area receives this notification. In this way, you, as a citizen responder, always know very quickly that your help is needed, where you should be and what is expected of you.

Download the app

The Stan App is available for iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) and Android smartphones. You can download the app for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store .

Settings of the Stan app

Location tracker
For optimal notification, the location tracker on your smartphone has to be turned on. Because only then will Stan always know your current location. So, you will only get notifications that are important.

Push notifications
Make sure you can receive push notifications via the Stan app. If this function is off, we can’t notify you via the app.

If your location tracker or push notification is off or the GPS function on your smartphone isn’t working, you will receive a notification by text message. In that case, your current location is unknown and you are notified on your home or work address.

Apple iPhone (iOS)

Make sure your ‘notifications’ are set correctly:

  • go to ‘settings’
  • click on the Stan app
  • click ‘messaging’
  • set the notification style to ‘notifications’


Switch off ‘energy saving app’:

  • go to ‘settings’ (click on the ‘cog wheel’)
  • click on ‘battery’
  • click on ‘details’
  • click on the Stan app
  • check ‘off’.

Reporting absence

Are you temporarily unavailable as a citizen responder? You can manually adjust your availability for a certain period in the app. You can do this with the ‘do not disturb’ button.