About the CPR network

Emergency services cannot always get to a victim of cardiac arrest within those crucial first 6 minutes. First responders in the vicinity are vitally important in saving lives. Stan the CPR network organises alerts and resuscitation.

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Good chance of survival for citizens

Stan the CPR network offers citizens the maximum chance of survival with minimum damage from cardiac arrest. Does your municipality or ambulance dispatch centre also seek to offer maximum security in the field of life, health and quality of life?

Stan the CPR network is a system of volunteer citizen responders whose relevant data is processed by a dispatch centre into an alert through text message and app for every type of smartphone. Within the network and the safety region, Stan works closely with participating municipalities, regional ambulance services and volunteers.

Citizen responders save lives in case of cardiac arrests

Use of citizen responders is crucial in saving cardiac arrest victims’ lives. Stan the CRP network is dedicated to the optimisation of volunteer first response. We do this by compiling and making available databases with public AEDs and citizen responders. Municipalities and ambulance dispatch centres use these to reduce the number of fatalities from cardiac arrests.

People help the people

People help the people. That’s the idea behind Stan the CPR network. The faster CPR begins, the lower the chance of mortality or permanent damage from cardiac arrest. Professional first responders cannot get everywhere within a few minutes. That is why we are calling on people and companies to make themselves and their AEDs available to situations where your fellow human is in mortal danger.

Three modules

Municipalities, dispatch centres and companies that wish to be a part of Stan the CPR network have three module options:

  1. Free registration in AED database
    Register and manage your AEDs for public use in the Stan AED database. AED owners enter their location, available times, manager and maintenance status, so that dispatch centres always have a complete and up-to-date AED overview available.
  2. the CPR network basic
    AED database linked to a database with citizen responders. Includes subscription to the Stan alert system for CPR by app or text message fully integrated in your CAD system (standard integrated in the ProQA triage software). There are also options to add aftercare for citizen responders and local project support.
  3. The CPR network analytics
    The CPR network basic with the inclusion of a comprehensive and detailed analysis tool that can be used to gain insight into trends and drill down on individual incidents. Plus real-time monitoring of deployment of first responders.