Implementation of the alert system

The Stan alert application guarantees an automatic and fully integrated alerting.

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Implementing the automatic version of the alert system into the dispatch center offers a fully integrated solution for the emergency dispatch center. Citizen responders are alerted completely automatic, the moment there is a cardiac arrest in their immediate vicinity. 

Link with CAD system or triage system

The automatic alert system is coupled to the dispatch center. With this, it is fully integrated in the CAD system or triage system. Via a web service the alert system is connected to the CAD system, like for example GMS, Tritech, Motorola, etc. 

Stan also has a collaboration with ProQA, a triage system that is used by more than 3,000 dispatch centers. Thanks to this collaboration, an alert can be sent faster. The moment the dispatch center receives a report of a cardiac arrest, the citizen responders automatically receive an alert from the ProQA on their app.

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Before implementation
  • Inform dispatchers about how the system works
During/after implementation
  • The alert system is connected to the CAD system via a webbased service
  • Stan has a link to the ProQA triage system
Working method
  • In case of a cardiac arrest: the alert system is automatically activated by the coding for resuscitation
  • The system is ‘triggered’ by the CPR code (known in the CAD or triage system)
  • Based on predefined exclusions, the system prevents an alert, if necessary

Example of an alert

The Stan system processes the alert in milliseconds after which the citizen responders receives the alert. Even when an alert is sent, a dispatcher can manually cancel an alert if necessary. Then all alerted citizen responders receive a cancellation message.

The whole process takes place and can be monitored within one screen. It has been set up as plain as possible, to take as little time and effort as possible to the dispatcher. It is possible to opt for an own interface per dispatch center.