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Dorothé Jansen on husband Dik’s cardiac arrest: ‘He suddenly went ‘huuuuu’ and I saw him slip away’

20 January 2017

67-year-old Dik Jansen from Dinxperlo was having a relaxing evening in front of the television with his wife Dorothé, when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest. She immediately called the emergency number 112 and then ran to their neighbour across the street, Hans ter Beek, who has a resuscitation certificate. It’s only thanks to the quick resolute action from his wife and neighbour that Jansen is still alive. Mrs. Jansen shares her story.

Alarm centre

I suddenly heard Dik say ‘huuuuu’ and I saw him slip away. I tried to get him to regain consciousness by tapping him in the face a few times, but he wasn’t responding to that at all anymore. So I immediately called 112. The alarm centre sent out the fire brigade and ambulance and alerted the first responders using Stan the CPR Network.

Quick resuscitation

After calling the emergency number 112, I ran toward the neighbour, Hans ter Beek. Together we lifted Dik from his chair, put him on the ground and started resuscitating. The 112 operator stayed on the line and gave us instructions while resuscitating. Very quickly – within a few minutes – the fire brigade arrived. The firemen took over resuscitation and gave Dik at least two shocks. After about fifteen minutes, the ambulance arrived. The ambulance staff resuscitated Dik with the LUCAS CPR device and shocked him three to four times. Then he was transferred to the hospital.

A lot of volunteers

When the fire brigade started resuscitation, I first noticed how many volunteers had reacted to the alert from The CPR Network. There were people with and without AEDs; it felt like there were twenty cars parked in the street. The first response alert worked amazingly well. One of the volunteers was Manon Freriks, a Sensire home nurse. She was later part of the care team for Dik, for things like showering, washing and dressing. Mamon said she really enjoyed seeing someone who survived a cardiac arrest.

No memories

Dik can’t remember anything about the incident anymore. He doesn’t know he spent four days in the Rijnstaete Hospital in Arnhem, where he received an angioplasty and a stent. And the week after, which he spent in the Slingeland Hospital in Doetichem, is also completely forgotten. Only a week after he came home did he start to come to.

Glad to be alive

Dik is still experiencing the consequences of his cardiac arrest. His short-term memory is compromised, for instance. But physically he’s a long way from his old self as well. He tires quickly and is sensitive to the rush around him. But he is able to go out on his own using his mobility scooter to drive around the neighbourhood. We hope that as time passes, he recovers further. Sometimes he asks in desperation why this happened to him. But mostly we are very happy he survived the ordeal.