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More information for a municipality or dispatch centre

Stan offers a strong CPR network of citizen responders and available AEDs. This gives people in your care area a higher chance of surviving cardiac arrest. Is CPR network citizen response also a useful addition for your municipality, Ambulance Service or dispatch centre?

The importance of fast CPR

About 500.000 thousand people die every year of a cardiac arrest in Western Europe and the United States alone. In many cases, the victim can survive this if he or she receives CPR quickly. CPR within six minutes is absolutely vital. And the faster CPR begins, the smaller the chance of death or permanent damage.

Positive results

Experience teaches us that organised citizen response yields many positive results:

  • saving lives in case of cardiac arrest
  • better health of survivors
  • integration of volunteer first aid within the chain of survival
  • an impulse for the municipal care obligation towards citizens
  • positive influence on results per safety region
  • greater work satisfaction for EMTs
  • stimulating social cohesion in the local community

For ambulance services

The legal arrival time for ambulances is longer than the crucial six minutes in case of cardiac arrest. Therefore, fast emergence response by qualified citizen responders is a very welcome addition to professional ambulance services. Through the Stan the CPR network notification, the Control Rooms Ambulance Services can notify citizen responders for CPR, either manual or with AED. This means that an ambulance is too late less often and more people survive in the safety region when suffering cardiac arrest.

For municipalities

Governments have the obligation to provide healthcare for their citizens. As a municipality, you can arrange for this by participating in Stan the CPR network. Together with participating municipalities, we work on a strong network of volunteers who live or work here. These are all people trained to provide CPR and to use a defibrillator. Through Stan notification, they are called by app or text message to offer help when someone in the area suffers cardiac arrest.

Memorandum on local healthcare policy

Being connected with Stan the CPR network advances a healthy living climate. As such, it is a very useful instrument for the memorandum on local healthcare policy every municipality draws up every four years. In doing so, municipalities shape the advancement of healthcare and a healthy living climate.

Yes, I would like a strong CPR network