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ACT 2017 - improve the chance of cardiac arrest survival

With an estimated 1,600 cardiac arrests per day in the US, cardiac arrest presents a major health problem, especially as the average survival rate hovers around a mere 10 percent. The encouraging news is that a timely intervention can increase the survival rate significantly, thus saving many lives. The Global Resuscitation council has presented a framework to increase the chance of cardiac arrest survival. A responder network to start CPR and fast deployment of an AED is one of the main components.

Stan the CPR network presents a network that has been active since 2008. When the dispatcher diagnoses a potential cardiac arrest, the system is triggered automatically and starts to look for citizen responders and AEDs in the vicinity of the incident. We locate citizen responders through GPS and direct selected responders to the victim to perform early CPR and other responders to retrieve an AED.

The CPR network currently manages more than 100.000 volunteers in multiple countries. Scientific studies have shown an increase of survival rate to over 27%, and potential survival rates of 40-50% with growing responder and AED networks. We offer three different versions of the network.

  1. Free registration in AED database
    Register and manage your AEDs for public use in the Stan AED database. AED owners enter their location, available times, manager and maintenance status, so that dispatch centres always have a complete and up-to-date AED overview available.
  2. the CPR network basic
    AED database linked to a database with citizen responders. Includes subscription to the Stan alert system for CPR by app or text message fully integrated in your CAD system (standard integrated in the ProQA triage software). There are also options to add aftercare for citizen responders and local project support.
  3. The CPR network analytics
    The CPR network basic with the inclusion of a comprehensive and detailed analysis tool that can be used to gain insight into trends and drill down on individual incidents. Plus real-time monitoring of deployment of first responders.

For full pricing information, download our pricing sheet.

Interested? For more information, or a demo of the system, please contact us or visit us at Navigator 2017 in New Orleans, booth 613.